About ULA Mens

About ULA Mens

ULA MENS was established in 2005 by Eric Cooper-Founder and Chief Designer. The urban luxury active wear line is based in Los Angeles, and produces High-end active wear that is functional for both active and casual lifestyles. 

The retro-influenced line consists of a unique mix of 70's and 80's inspired tracksuits, jackets, pants, contoured tops, sporty shorts, and fashionable accessories. 

Each garment and accessory is highly crafted and uses the most advance construction and technical materials. The active wear textiles are selected to enhance performance and are effective at wicking moisture, resisting wind, blocking UV rays, and enhancing mobility.

Eric comes from an extensive background in design, fashion retail, and fitness, and acquired the idea to start the ULA line after noticing a shortage of fashionable men’s active wear while shopping. Accordingly to Eric,"Stylish active wear has become a staple in men's wardrobe's due to their increased involvement in fitness. Busy lifestyles offers them very limited time, or no time at all to change after exercise before moving on to their daily tasks. This was the motivating factor that encouraged me to introduce the line and expand on the availability of fashionable men's active wear."

Eric married his fashion and design skills, and exercise knowledge from fitness training to create a collection that would bridge the fashion gap between active and social lifestyles.

The premiere collection  'Iconic'  collection was released in 2012, and the retro inspired silhouettes pays homage to the fashion sensibility of two American icons—legendary daredevil-devil, Evel Knievel, edgy and pioneering hip-hop artist, LL Cool J as the style of both icons had a great influenced on Eric when designing the collection. 

Soon ULA Will be launching its second collection 'Billboard',which is a sportier and more contoured collection that features printed word and multiple striped graphics. 

The worded garments resembles walking fashion billboards, and celebrates what Eric describes as the 'forces of fitness', focus,energy, and power. The key design elements in the collection are the stripes, which represent the flow pathways-the arterial system of the human body responsible for supporting the flow of focus,energy, and power. 

The color palette is repeated from the previous 'Iconic collection' with shades of red, black, white, and includes a new color shade of metallic aluminum. 

The selling price of the line ranges between $120-$600, and the size range S-XL.

Produced in Los Angeles, ULA MEN'S is committed to creating functionally stylish, uniquely versatile, and powerfully sexy active wear that targets an active and social customer base between the ages of 20 to 60.